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pictures of advocates show a crowd of protestors in Hong Kong, a woman with a shirt saying 'SOLD!' collecting signatures in a parking lot, a group in front of the US Capital with 'No Labels' banners, a black-and-white picture of a woman in a wheelchair in front of a bus, Stephan Sauerburger and Alex Hershaf in front of a sign saying 'world Day for Farm animals,' two women in front of a crowd smiling at eachother, holding a rainbow banner saying 'Pride.' a man in a wheelchair moving with a crowd holding signs, he is grinning triumphantly and raising his fist, a woman in a crowd holding up a sign 'They are us, We are One,' a man giving testimony to a legislature, a crowd protesting animal lab research, a young girl in a crowd smiles and holds a sign 'Policy change, not climate change'.