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pictures of advocates show a crowd of protestors in Hong Kong, a woman with a shirt saying 'SOLD!' collecting signatures in a parking lot, a group in front of the US Capital with 'No Labels' banners, a black-and-white picture of a woman in a wheelchair in front of a bus, Stephan Sauerburger and Alex Hershaf in front of a sign saying 'world Day for Farm animals,' two women in front of a crowd smiling at eachother, holding a rainbow banner saying 'Pride.' a man in a wheelchair moving with a crowd holding signs, he is grinning triumphantly and raising his fist, a woman in a crowd holding up a sign 'They are us, We are One,' a man giving testimony to a legislature, a crowd protesting animal lab research, a young girl in a crowd smiles and holds a sign 'Policy change, not climate change'.

      picture shows people at a zoom workshop, looking animated and smiling.
      Free WORKSHOPS Supporting YOU
      as you make a difference in the world and
      deal with all the challenges that life has to offer!

      Introducing you to insights and exercises from Jean-Robert Bayard's book
      Contact Dona Sauerburger to request a workshop (virtual or in-person).

Workshop Offerings

    The workshops listed below can be done in person or on-line (recordings of previous workshops are below). Contact Dona Sauerburger for more information,

    Quotes from workshop participants:
      ... a renewed spark of hope and energy; a good feeling - participant in "Build beliefs that support you."
      ... assisted me in gaining new perspectives, releasing my own fears - participant in "Become invulnerable to defeat,"

    Become invulnerable to defeat

      Failure is not an event, it's a feeling -- a feeling which can lead to burnout and discouragement. This workshop explores strategies for dealing with failure and mitigate the feelings of loss and even benefit from the experience, to become invulnerable to defeat.

    Build beliefs to support you and your work

      Your beliefs about yourself, your situation, and the people and world around you can support and encourage you, or can fill you with despair or anger. This workshop is designed to show how you can build beliefs that support you, and help you envision the world that those beliefs can create for you.

    Take the perspective of The Big You while dealing with your opponents

      Our attitude and goals and even our feeling of well-being can be shaped by how we perceive ourselves and our "enemies" or opponents. This workshop is designed to help you become "The Big You" to put your problems in perspective and help you understand and deal with opponents.

    Honor your Daring Thought

      This workshop covers the core of Dr. Bayard's book -- noticing and using the discomfort or pain that we feel when we realize that something is wrong, such as suffering or injustice, and find your Daring Thought. Honoring your Daring Thought can give you a purpose, relieve your pain, and make a difference in the world.

Previous workshop recordings